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Who are we?

Meet The Team

Mayank Verma

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Co -Founder

Aakash Khanna

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Shivani Khanna

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Managing Director

‘Trip Laga Lo’

The team of young travel enthusiast came together in the year 2017 and formed the organization to be able to help people to explore the beauty and get to know about the rich history of India. We are an online travel organization in India giving a ‘best as far as class can tell with the objective to be ‘India’s Travel Planner’. Through our site,, and our other related stages, recreation and business voyagers can investigate, explore, analyze costs and book an extensive variety of administrations taking into account their movement needs.

Since our origin in 2017, we have been able to organize trips to 20+ locations including Rishikesh, Kasol, Jim Corbett, Sariska, Ladakh, Goa, Manali, Rajasthan, Gantok, Shimla etc. Our most popular and unique feature of Itinerary Planner has assisted travelers to plan their trips on their own.

The family of Trip Laga lo started with Aakash Aman (Founder), Mayank verma (co-founder), Shivani Khanna (Managing director). This family has been able to organize 30+ trips since its inception with all trips being budget friendly with of course no compromise.